Can Bev read my  mind?  No, and she maintains a high standard of ethics which respects the privacy and integrity of each individual.  Even when working with animals, Bev will only be able to perceive what you or your pet reveal to her. 

Where do I go for my reading? You and Bev will hold your first appointment in the office at 108C Inview Road, West Columbia, SC.  It is not necessary, however, to meet Bev in person to receive the benefit of her services.  She will also arrange a telephone appointment for you, and often performs distance healing work at pre-arranged times. 

How does Bev do the healing? Bev has more than twenty years of training and experience in several holistic healing modalities, including reiki, LaHo-Chi, Luminous Body Healing, Zero Point technique, and Angel Light.  She and her guides will choose the best techniques for you based on your individual needs.   Bev may also recommend vocal toning, using her voice to tone sounds which release energy blocks or send healing energy to the body, or use of crystals to amplify the healing session.  She does not need to touch you to do her work, and your privacy and wishes are respected at all times.

If you have other questions call 803.466.2454 or email her.

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