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My husband and I were having behavioral problems with our cat, Callie.  Callie came to us as a six-week-old stray and Bev picked up on Callie’s feral roots even before she had a conversation with Callie.  Callie was having problems, because of her feral background, with accepting us as her family.  Bev did one session with Callie.  Between her conversation with Callie and our implemention of Bev’s suggestions, within a few days we noticed a remarkable difference.  Callie has now accepted us and we are delighted with the sweet, wonderful cat who is such a cherished member of our family.

As a reader, Bev has helped me numerous times and in numerous ways. Her readings are always accurate and insightful. She has a very kind, gentle and often humorous way of helping you learn and deal with life issues.

I spoke with your friend [Bev] and she was beyond awesome. She gave me some great exercises for focusing on the positive in everything and for getting the negative out.

Yes . . . after the changes of last week, now is the time to redirect how we do things.  Thank you for your light and wisdom!

Wow . . . RIGHT ON TIME… exactly what I’m going through.  wow.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Bev, these ideas may be simple and basic, but oh so true and nurturing and needing to be heard for encouragement over and over by some of us (me!) – thank you!

Bev is also an amazing healer.  She helped me with energy healing both in person and when I’m at home, 100 miles away.

Thank you for being so powerfully authentic.

I shared this with many yesterday as your work really aligns with the messages of the time for everyone. Know you are doing good work.

During a healing session I feel the different changes in my body.  And when we talk afterwards, we realize how in-tuned we are. In one of our first sessions, both of us felt ill as I released old, dark energy.  And another time when we talked afterwards, Bev mentioned physical movement as part of the healing process.  What she didn’t know was that while she had been working on me, 100 miles away, I had spontaneously started moving my body, legs and arms.  This is not how I normally react to her healings.  I’m usually relaxed and calm, and sometimes I fall asleep.

I read this and as usual Bev Hollis is right on again . . .  Breathe this in, feel it, and act upon it.

This just confirmed something for me SO MUCH!  I needed to know it was OK to feel the things that have come up and that they were right!  I am so thrilled that it is all in the current energy of things.  I am so excited.  Thank YOU!!!

I always feel a sense of relief and lightness after a healing session with Bev.  I can actually feel subtle changes in my attitude, thoughts and physical well being. These changes are subtle, but they grow and deepen with each session.

These healings stay with me.  They are part of who I am and are helping me to become who I should be, the person I contracted to be in this lifetime.

Thank you, Bev.  I always enjoy receiving these messages because they are so full of light and encouragement.  Blessings to you!

Wow, another powerful message! Thank you, i needed that!

I have had many card readings with Bev over the past few years and they are always positive and on target with my spiritual growth.  She, of course, along with her guides, reminds me of my progress and suggests choices in areas where I have felt stuck–very intuitive.   –Rev. Maggie Self

I received a reading from Bev Hollis and she picked up right away that I was conflicted in the questions I asked. She’s quite intuitive and gave me great advice. –Val Ryan / Psychic Medium

Your card readings of the week always help me out…they really relate to me and what I am going through right now, taking time to myself and breaking out of the things around me, nurturing me… thank you!!!!

Accurate as usual!!!!  That’s exactly what I’m going through, once again, and that helps!  I’m ready to break out of things that no longer serve me.

Bev – thank you so much – the cards were perfect, as you know.  I will be calling you for another session soon.

This one is just outstanding, Bev!  Strong, strong, message, well-written, and also a good one for me to hear right now.  Keep up the great work!!

Boy! This one is a ringer.  Right on.

This was awesome, and I’m so glad you are on this planet to nudge us along.

Thanks, as always, for your words of wisdom that help me validate all that I experience.

Wow . . . well said!  thanks!

On the dot as always!!!

WOW, your cards definitely document my life week by week.  It’s like everything matches with what I am realizing and focusing on, thank you!!!

This right on time for where I am in this very moment.  Thanks so much.

Wow Bev! What you wrote is awesome!  And that you took the time to write that for me– I am truly touched.  Thank you so very much!



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